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Whistle.jpgWelcome to the Whistleblower Legal Update, a forum for thoughts, analysis, and ideas on the pressing issues facing whistleblowers today. With the advent of the SEC Whistleblower Program just over a year ago, and the recent resurgence of the IRS Whistleblower Program, the climate for reporting fraud on the Government by concerned and engaged citizens has never been more lively. For whistleblowers, the incentives are greater, the protections are stronger, their potential impact is much deeper, and the stigma for blowing the whistle has all but disappeared. For attorneys, we now have substantially more opportunities to protect whistleblowers, and face increasingly challenging legal issues in our role as facilitators of the laws that requires us to ensure that they work correctly and effectively.

This blog will serve as a forum for attorneys from the Stone & Magnanini LLP law firm to both share their views on current issues facing whistleblowers and informally educate people about the many challenges facing individuals that are contemplating blowing the whistle on fraud. From significant decisions and changes in the statutory regime to new actions and substantial victories for whistleblowers, we will endeavor to cover the evolving whistleblower landscape in a responsive and thought provoking manner that we hope will keep regular citizens abreast of the current issues involving corporate fraud and the legal community engaged in the broader objective of making things better. The Whistleblower Legal Update is not intended to be a source of legal advice for any purpose, but rather contains general information and the opinions of the authors in a blog-style format. Potential whistleblowers are strongly encouraged to seek experienced counsel to assist them in navigating the legal web of the various statutory procedures and should not rely upon the contents of this blog.
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